Cookie Policy
What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file containing information that can be remembered by a web browser between pages. When an individual uses a web browser to access the internet their browser can create cookies which are stored on the user’s computer. Cookies are not programs and therefore cannot contain viruses or other malicious software. They are purely a string of text and numbers.

There are two main types of cookies - session cookies and persistent cookies.

Which cookies do we use?

This site is built on the Webstarts platform and uses some Webstarts cookies that are essential for site functionality.

Most cookies used by are 'first party' session cookies. Session cookies only last during a single visit. When a user closes their web browser the session cookie information is automatically removed from their computer.

Other, persistent cookies are stored by the user's web browser even when the web browser has been closed, so that the next time a user goes back to the website that originally set the cookie, the web site can read information back from the cookie.

Persistent cookies have an expiry date which controls when they are automatically deleted. This can be anything from a few minutes to several years.

​This site also uses some '3rd party' cookies which are essential for users’ experience of our site:

Cookie Name: _ar_v4
3rd party cookies: Google  I  Purpose: advertising  I  Expiration Time: 6 years

Cookie Name: _utma; _utmc; _utmz
3rd party cookies: Google Analytics  I  Purpose: analytics  I  Expiration Time: 6 – 24 months

Cookie Name: _unam
3rd party cookies: ShareThis  I  Purpose: monitors “click-stream” activity  I  Expiration Time: 2 years

These persistent cookies are used for the following purposes:​
  1. Google Analytics is a system used by many website to record information about who visits a website. These cookies are used mainly to differentiate between first time visitors to a website and repeat visitors. They do not contain any personally identifiable information. You can find out more about how Google uses cookies here.
  2. The ShareThis service only personally identifies you if you have separately signed up with ShareThis for a ShareThis account and given them your consent. You can read the ShareThis privacy policy here. This page also explains how you can opt out of the tracking aspects of the ShareThis Service if you wish to. 

Controlling or deleting cookies

The law about use of non-essential cookies changed in May 2011. You can find more information about this from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

In the meantime, you can tell your web browser to notify you whenever a website attempts to set a cookie. You can also tell your browser to disable and/or refuse all cookies, although doing so may affect your experience of many websites. Each browser has slightly different ways of handling cookies but you can usually find out how to do it via the ‘Help’ or ‘Settings’ options on your browser.

You can also find instructions on how to control the use of cookies, or delete cookies from your computer at which is a free resource to help marketers and consumers understand the issues surrounding the use of cookies.

Please remember that if you delete or restrict cookies from the website you may not be able to experience the full benefit of some of the features and services the website has to offer.

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